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General Information for Metal Honeycomb Panels

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Model:Bollicom Metal Honeycomb Composite Panel



Bollicom Metal Honeycomb Composite Panel


Bollicom is oriented from aviation industry. It’s durable, large span and super flat. Bollicom also features in fabrication-friendly, multiple surface solutions and color options. Bollicom is widely applied for architectural area such as façade, roof, partition as well as transportation, voyage and equipment industry. Bollicom is a new concept of compound materials belongs to future.


1, Large span, up to 2100*10000mm, largest in industry

2, Super flatness and rigidity
3, Various option on surface finish: Aluminium alloy, Natural Copper, Titanium-zinc and Stainless Steel. 
4, Integrated backing and installation system.
5, Isolated dismount and maintenance design.
6, various shapes of panel.
7, seal-up gap, invisible gap and rain screen gap connections.
8, Suitable for façade, roof, and gutters.
9, Genuine maintenance free, low use cost.
10, Certified wind-load and Fire-retardant standard.

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